It's your data. Get paid for it.
Your data is worth thousands a year. Why aren’t you getting your fair share? Take back control. Get paid. Tiki’s got your back.
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You think you own your data?
In 2020 alone, the data on our behaviour and purchases was worth more than $382 billion in advertising revenue.
$ 382,000,000,000
money made this year from our data
So why do you get nothing?
With TIKI, you can
1. See
what data companies are collecting on you, how its used, and how secure it really is.
2. Control
who has access to your data and for what purpose. It’s your decision.
3. Monetize
Get paid your fair share for granting buyers access to your data.
How does it work?
Link your accounts to the TIKI app and we'll get you paid your fair share
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What we believe in
We believe users deserve to be in control of their data.
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